Available Options:

General Program – $19.95/Month
General indicates that it fits the needs of anyone that wants to improve the snatch and clean and jerk in load. What comes along with this inside of a Vaughn Weightlifting program are phases of focus on strength into more specificity toward the full snatch and clean and jerk into a competition or testing phase that include a balance of recovery and stimulation to wrap up the cycle and peak for that test day.

Within this option we have a 3 day/week, a 5 day/week, and a Masters program to choose from. The masters program is also 3 days/week as well but with less overall volume and a greater emphasis on mobility. Each program has an optional extra credit day included that could turn them into 4 day programs and a 6 day program if so desired (the 6th extra credit day on the 5 day program is very auxiliary exercise focused whereas the 4th extra credit day on the 3 day and masters is opportunity to get more reps in with the barbell). Each day of the Masters program typically includes an optional extra credit exercise. Any extra credit whether it be a day or an exercise is not required for the work you are doing to be complete, they are there for anyone with the time and energy to un-forcefully get them done and to help each individual manipulate to there most beneficial volume.

Workout Template

Warm Up Section (10-15 minutes)
A. Shoulder/upper body prehab
B. Squat/overhead sequences (including mobility drills/barbell movement prep)

Work Section (30-60 minutes)
*There are typically only 2 main exercises with the Masters program
A. Specific Warm Up (movement 1 position prep)
*usually only with the Masters program
B. Movement 1
C. Movement 2
D. Movement 3 (for the 3 day and 5 day programs)
E. Movement 4 (occasionally for the 3 day and 5 day programs)

Extra Credit Section (10-15 minutes)
*This optional section is typically only seen in the Masters program as a 3rd exercise
A. Movement 3 of Masters program

Auxiliary Section (10-15 minutes)
A. 2-3 movement circuit (i.e., GHD’s, Carries, etc.)
*This is to help fill in any holes or to maintain completeness for each athlete

Recovery Section (10-15 minutes)
A. 2-3 mobility pieces
*Current session recovery/upcoming session prep

Complete Session Target Time = 60-90 minutes

General Program + Video Review – $99.95/month
Any video review option includes 1 video from each movement each day. Programs from any of our listed options are delivered through TrueCoach and for any option including video review, you would upload your videos directly into the app where communication/feedback would also take place. Following commitment to any of our programs, we would send you an invite through TrueCoach to the email address of your choice. You would also receive your workouts daily to this email from TrueCoach, which is all included with the program.

Customized Program + Video Review – $199.95/month
This is creating a weightlifting program from scratch to best fit the individual, and/or for peaking on a specific date. This process will start with 1-3 weeks of portions from our general program that allows us time to assess and a beginning platform to request specific exercises or tests as needed, to then build out the best program for YOU!

Customized Program + Video Review + Additional Program Combo – $299.95/month
This is creating a weightlifting program from scratch to best fit the individual AND written around other programming. One example we’ve worked with many times in the past is an individual on a CrossFit program wanting to implement extra weightlifting strength or technique work into their regime, but without doubling up on anything or 1 program interfering with the other. Additionally, we have athletes that are working around and rehabbing major injuries or limitations. These types of scenarios require molding all of the work together so to speak with extra steps and special care.